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Dr. Angelo Rose & Son Dr. Christopher Amoruso's New Book
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To order pastured meats and poultry, bones, healthy snacks and more, click on the US Wellness logo below


Dr. Amoruso is a Certified GAPS Practitioner

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“Please use this coupon code when ordering: GOODBREAD for a discount at checkout.”

Welcome to Bogota Chiropractic and Holistic Center!

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Dr. Christopher J. Amoruso is a graduate of the Rutgers College pre-med program. He attended the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic where he graduated in 2002 magna cum laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. During his first three years of chiropractic practice, he worked side by side with his father, Dr. Angelo Rose, absorbing and fine-tuning the skills his father was passing on to him. A voracious reader and student, Dr. Amoruso became a Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.) Certificant in July 2016. He continues to practice in Bergen County, NJ where he combines chiropractic with patient education in varying areas of healthcare including digestive/intestinal disorders, diabetes and autoimmune conditions. He is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and applies many of the traditional principles Dr. Price espoused in his practice. He and his family currently reside in New Jersey.

Dr. Angelo C. Rose graduated from Chiropractic Institute in New York City in 1956. A freak football injury during freshman year at William & Mary left him blind, but 8 months later, in a visit to a neighborhood chiropractor, his sight was restored. This life-changing event set him on the path to becoming a devoted believer in chiropractic and other alternative disciplines of healing. In his early years of practice he worked with pioneers in the alternative healthcare , traveling to Texas to study at Parker College of Chiropractic and also to Georgia to learn from Sid Williams, founder of Life University. His 50-year practice of chiropractic with a concentration in nutrition began in Jersey City and eventually continued in Bergen County. He raised six healthy children, all without vaccinations or antibiotics. His knowledge and skill in diagnosis and holistic treatment of his patients was surpassed only by his faith in the human body’s God-given innate intelligence. His unexpected passing in March of 2007 left a void for his family and patients to fill, one which this book, which he began before his passing, attempts to fill.

Quicksilver Scientific Certified Practitioner

Quicksilver Scientific


Diet Body/Exercise

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

Primal Mind Primal Body

The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability

Fight for Your Health

How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol

Great Cholesterol Con

Our Daily Meds

The Yeast Syndrome

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  • "1st time visit to a chiropractor and what an amazing experience. Dr Amoruso was beyond professional, extremely accommodating and was able to offer immediate treatment for my back issue. Thank you!!!"
    Chris O. / Bogota, NJ

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